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With immense joy and excitement, we share that on November 6, 2023, we presented our documentary "DNA" at the iconic Sala Equis in Madrid. The documentary tells important details of the life and career of the designer, creative, and founder of the brand, Daniel Chong, and narrates his journey through the fashion world from the beginning, his fascination with recycled materials, and his deep love for handmade products in Spain.
DNA, Daniel Chong, The Documentary

"DNA" immerses us in the evolution of our brand, from its beginnings to its transformation into a carbon-negative company. It is a testimony to changes in the market and our unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Additionally, it reveals the challenges, moments of uncertainty, and difficult decisions made along the way. It is an inspiring journey that shows how perseverance and a passion for doing things right lead to significant growth.


The event was hosted by Eva Soriano, a prominent Spanish comedian and close friend of the brand. We were joined by leading media outlets, fashion world personalities, and like-minded brands in the field of sustainability. It was a unique opportunity that brought together the entire national team of workshops and stores of the brand. This exceptional event was organized by Quince Segundos agency.


During the presentation, Daniel Chong shared with us his source of inspiration and motivation for carrying out this project. He spoke about the importance of approaching life with a positive perspective and revealed the origin of his iconic phrase "Don't forget to smile!".


It is worth noting that the carbon emissions generated by this event have been completely offset thanks to Dcycle, through the reforestation project of native coniferous and broadleaf trees in Outeiro de Catadoiro, Pontevedra, Galicia. This area was affected by the devastating forest fire of 2017 in Monte de Paradela de Bemol.


You can watch the documentary here: