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Made in Spain

Our collections are Made in Spain at workshops in Pamplona and Elche, where artisans with extensive experience in the industry collaborate on the production of our product line. We are proud to contribute to our community by offering local job opportunities. 

​Creative Design

Daniel Chong offers new and original designs in the market. The collections have an enormous quantity of colors, patterns, and textures; by wearing his accessories, you're expressing yourself throughout his designs. 

In addition, Daniel is entirely committed to keeping sustainable designs in fair trade, human rights, local development, and ecological aspects.

Our Materials

We only use fabrics made in Spain; these fabrics are 100% cotton. The cotton is extracted from recycled garments to reduce the excess textile waste, which reduces the load on landfills and incinerators. Fortunately, this reduces the dependence on virgin raw materials, chemicals, water, energy consumption, and CO2 emissions. By using recycled products, such as yarn obtained from plastic bottles, we contribute to the sustainability of the fashion sector. Using these fabrics increases the durability and resistance of the materials we use. Our company has put great efforts into bettering our environment by recycling and reusing. We wait for all to enjoy our eco-friendly products fashionably.

Safety of Product

  • Wash by Hand Only 

  • Do Not Machine Dry

  • Do Not Bleach

  • Do Not Dryclean

  • Do Not Iron

Our Vegetable-Tanned Process on Genuine Leather

In today's world, where everything is made in a factory and mass-produced, finding something that is handmade and authentic can be difficult. This is why vegetable-tanned leather is becoming increasingly popular, as it offers something unique and environmentally friendly.

Vegetable tanning is a process that uses natural plant extracts, such as bark, leaves, and fruits, to gradually tan the animal hide.  Unlike traditional tanning methods, which often use harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and animals, vegetable tanning is gentler, producing a higher quality leather that is long-lasting and ages beautifully.

At our company, we take great pride in our vegetable-tanned leather products.  We believe that using this natural method allows us to create products that are not only stunning but also eco-friendly.  Our leather is carefully sourced from selected suppliers who share our values, ensuring that our products are not only beautiful but ethical too.

One of the key benefits of vegetable-tanned leather is the natural markings that appear on the leather as it ages.  Unlike artificial leather, which can look perfect for years, vegetable-tanned leather develops a unique patina with age.

The natural marks that appear on our vegetable-tanned leather are sign of the authenticity and quality of our products.  Each mark tells a story, making each product one of a kind.

We believe that our commitment to using only vegetable-tanned leather sets us apart from many other businesses.  We are proud to offer eco-friendly products that are of the highest quality, and we believe that you will see and feel the difference when you purchase from our collection. 

In conclusion, our products being vegetable-tanned leather not only demonstrate our commitment to the environment but also showcases the authenticity and quality of our products.  Each of our products is unique, making them truly special.  We invite you to explore our collections and experience the beauty of vegetable-tanned leather for yourself.